Logan DeVicente addressing City CouncilOn April 7, 2022, WPF gave a presentation at the St. Petersburg City Council meeting on the most recent ways the Foundation has assisted the City in preserving, protecting and promoting the St. Petersburg’s downtown waterfront parks. President Logan DeVicente gave the presentation, with numerous members of the Board in attendance. 

The presentation gave an overview of what Logan described as “our city’s greatest asset,” and noted that the city’s waterfront park system, under the protection of WPF—from Lassing Park at 22nd Avenue South to Coffee Pot Park at 30th Avenue North along Tampa Bay’s shoreline—is known to be the third largest contiguous park system in North America. 

Current Initiatives WPF explores in collaboration with the City include:

  • Advocacy for the parks
  • Park Signage Master Plan, which includes creating an updated and consistent style and color scheme for all signs and wayfaring notices in the parks
  • Removal, relocation or screening of utility blight, including unsightly electrical and water structures in the parks
  • Park and fundraising events
  • Cleanup and enhancement projects:
    • The creation of a system to remove floating seaweed and trash from an area near North Shore Aquatics Center 
    • Ongoing waterfront cleanup and planting projects
    • Environmental projects including the Living Shoreline currently being installed at Lassing Park
    • Floral plantings throughout the parks which are updated on a regular basis
  • Participation in community events:
    • WPF’s sponsorship of Preserve the ‘Burg’s semi-annual Movies in the Park, Thursday evenings in May and October in North Straub Park
    • WPF’s participation in the upcoming Preserve the ‘Burg Expo on Saturday, May 21, 10:00 am–3:00 pm at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club—public is invited 
  • Land use and zoning modifications to enhance and protect the parks:
    • The cleanup of conflicting and overlapping designations and permitted uses 
    • The development of a Waterfront Parks Ordinance for long-term preservation, which WPF has presented to City Staff
  • Park furnishings projects:
    • A new park bench design made from composite material which significantly upgrades the look of the park benches while reducing the need for expensive, ongoing cleanup
    • The design, production and installation of a prototype bench swing
    • Assistance to the City in the design of environmentally sound night lighting for visual enhancement and improved safety throughout the waterfront parks 
  • Infrastructure support for park events to protect and maintain the beauty of all the waterfront parks throughout the year 
  • Seawall replacement

Comments by City Council members reflected on the need to understand the difference between active and passive parks, and the importance of spreading some of the most popular annual events to parks throughout the city. 

Members of WPF deeply appreciate the ongoing support of the City Council on our work with the City Staff and the Council’s participation in our events. Regularly scheduled updates with City Council are in the works. 

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