10th – 13th Ave. NE. & North Shore Dr., St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Elva Rouse Park, situated along North Shore Drive between 10th Ave. and 13th Ave. NE in St. Petersburg, FL, stands as a multifaceted haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Boasting a diverse range of attractions, this park is a testament to the St. Petersburg’s commitment to providing recreational spaces that cater to various interests.

A picture of Elva Rouse Park signage.

Elva Rouse Park Features

  • Waterfront Park
  • Scenic View of Tampa Bay
  • Wilderness Area
  • Bayside Recreational Trail
  • Gizella Kopsick Arboretum
  • .6 Acres

The Arboretum

The centerpiece of Elva Rouse Park is the Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum, a botanical treasure showcasing a rich collection of palm species. This verdant oasis adds a touch of botanical wonder, providing visitors with a peaceful and educational experience.

Outdoor Activities

For fitness enthusiasts, the park offers Tennis Courts and an Outdoor Gym, providing opportunities for both structured and open-air workouts. Sandy Beaches, complemented by Beach Volleyball Courts, offer a coastal ambiance within the park, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and recreational sports.

Elva Rouse Park’s Wilderness

Nature lovers will appreciate the Wilderness Area within Elva Rouse Park, providing a natural retreat with scenic landscapes. As part of the larger network, the park also features a continuation of the Bayside Recreational Trail. This trail seamlessly connects with many Downtown Waterfront Parks, allowing visitors to embark on a picturesque journey through the heart of the city.

The strategic location of Elva Rouse Park along North Shore Drive makes it easily accessible, and its diverse offerings make it an ideal destination for families, fitness enthusiasts, and nature seekers alike. Whether you’re strolling through the arboretum, enjoying a game of tennis, or soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches, Elva Rouse Park promises a vibrant and engaging experience for everyone. Explore the beauty and variety that this park brings to the St. Petersburg landscape.

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