15th – 22nd Ave. SE. & Beach Drive SE., St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Nestled on the fringes of the Old Southeast Neighborhood, Lassing Park stands as a testament to the city’s heritage and commitment to green spaces. Established through the generous donation of Judge Robert B. Lassing in 1924, this waterfront oasis has evolved over the years, with additional land acquisitions in 1926, 1944, and 1945. On January 8, 1942, Lassing Park was officially dedicated, marking the beginning of its journey to becoming a cherished outdoor retreat.

An image of the Lassing Park signage,

Lassing Park Features

  • Waterfront Park
  • Scenic View of Tampa Bay
  • Greenspace
  • Beach
  • 14.2 Acres

Lassing Park encompasses a significant 14.2 acres, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities. As a Waterfront Park, it unfolds along the scenic edge of Tampa Bay, providing a tranquil setting for residents and visitors alike. The park’s Greenspace adds a touch of serenity, creating an expansive area for leisurely strolls, picnics, and various outdoor activities.

The Lassing Park Beach

One of the highlights of Lassing Park is its pristine Beach. The beach offers a sandy escape for those looking to bask in the sun or enjoy the waterfront ambiance. The Scenic View of Tampa Bay serves as a backdrop, enhancing the park’s allure and inviting individuals to savor the coastal beauty.

Decades of Fun

Since its dedication in 1942, Lassing Park has remained a source of enjoyment and beauty for the community. Its role as a waterfront haven, coupled with its expansive green spaces, underscores the city’s commitment to providing a diverse range of outdoor experiences. Whether it’s a peaceful day by the beach, a refreshing stroll through the greenspace, or simply soaking in the scenic views, this park invites all to connect with nature and relish the timeless charm it continues to offer. Explore the acres of beauty, embrace the waterfront serenity, and experience the enduring legacy of Lassing Park.

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