One of the goals of the Downtown Waterfront Parks Foundation is to make our beautiful parks in St. Petersburg, FL more enjoyable and comfortable. With funding provided by the Majeed Foundation, we have created this swing for visitors to relax in and enjoy the waterfront views from the north end of Flora Wylie Park.  Once you’ve had a chance to give the prototype swing a try, please share your thoughts so we can make the next swing even better.

The Swing

On a recent visit to Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park in Beaufort, South Carolina, I was quite impressed with swings that I saw placed in the park along the waterfront. The design of the swing was clean and simple, yet substantial and durable. The swings were occupied with people of varying ages and I was told they are well-used by both residents and visitors. It occurred to me that we don’t have any swings in our waterfront parks and I thought that we might want to develop something similar here in St. Petersburg. Members of the Waterfront Parks Foundation discussed the potential with the City Parks Department and we all felt that swings would be a desirable amenity for our waterfront park system. We decided that one should be installed to see if people enjoyed it. 

I designed the unique swing for the Waterfront Parks Foundation as a prototype to be used along our waterfront at specific locations.  We are grateful for the generosity of the Majeed Foundation for funding the fabrication and construction of this project at no cost to the City. We are also thankful for the donation of structural engineering and construction plan services from Bill Reidy, P.E. of Advanced Engineering & Design Inc. Benjamin Mallet of Classical Architectural was engaged to fabricate and install the swing. 

We anticipate that the new swing will be a hit! If so, we hope to install additional swings along the waterfront in select locations. We believe the swings will become another opportunity for our community and visitors to relax and enjoy our beautiful waterfront parks on Tampa Bay.

Phil Graham, Jr.
Waterfront Parks Foundation

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