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Encompassing 11.6 acres along the picturesque waterfront, Vinoy Park stands as a captivating destination in St. Petersburg, FL, offering breathtaking views and versatile spaces for both recreation and special events. Positioned to showcase the beauty of Tampa Bay, the Pier, the Vinoy Hotel Marina, and the Downtown skyline, this park becomes a scenic retreat for locals and visitors alike.

A image of the signage for Vinoy Park

Vinoy Park Features

  • Waterfront Park
  • Scenic View of Tampa Bay
  • Large open green space for recreation and special events
  • 11.6 Acres

The expansive waterfront park provides an uninterrupted view of the tranquil beauty of Tampa Bay. The sight of the Vinoy Hotel Marina adds a touch of nautical charm, and the panoramic view of Downtown St. Petersburg completes the immersive experience, making the park a visual feast.

Activity Space

An image of a monument in Vinoy Park.

Whether it’s a leisurely day of picnics and frisbee or hosting large-scale events, Vinoy Park provides a welcoming setting. This flexibility has made it a popular choice for special events that range from community gatherings to cultural festivals.

Vinoy Park’s distinctive features include its role as a waterfront park, providing a tranquil setting along the bay. The 11.6 acres offer ample room for both recreational activities and community celebrations. Its strategic location and varied features make Vinoy a hub of outdoor enjoyment, inviting people to connect with nature, appreciate the stunning surroundings, and partake in events that bring the community together. Explore the vast green expanse, revel in the scenic vistas, and experience the dynamic energy of Vinoy Park, where the charm of Tampa Bay converges with the vibrant spirit of St. Petersburg.

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